Things to Do in Rapelje, Montana

Facebook Twitter Google+ Digg Evernote Pinterest Yahoo Mail Blogger There are several things to do in Rapelje. The town is home to the Stockman Cafe, which closed about a year ago. The town also has two national wildlife refuges, the Halfbreed and Hailstone. Don Herzog, a member of Lake Basin Seniors Inc., has set up […]

There are several things to do in Rapelje. The town is home to the Stockman Cafe, which closed about a year ago. The town also has two national wildlife refuges, the Halfbreed and Hailstone. Don Herzog, a member of Lake Basin Seniors Inc., has set up a mountain biking trail.

Stockman Cafe

When you think of Rapelje, Montana, you probably think of the Stockman Cafe, which was a local gathering place for many years. It is also home to the 24 Hours of Rapelje mountain bike race, a USA Cycling sanctioned event. When the Stockman Cafe was about to close, community members proposed hosting the race, which has become a favorite of mountain bikers for more than a decade. The race is not for the faint of heart, and riders must be careful while navigating the course, and cows.

Rapelje has a post office, an evangelical church, and a cafe. The town has about 60 residents, and is located in the interior of Montana. The 24 Hours of Rapelje is an endurance race that takes place on a circuit that spans 11.3 miles. Rapelje is a small town surrounded by winding coulees and shallow valleys.

Rapelje is located in Stillwater County. It is 25 miles north of Columbus. The community is in the middle of the Big Lake Complex, which is one of the most productive areas of central Montana for waterfowl and shorebirds. Rapelje is also home to the original 24-hour endurance mountain bike race in Montana. The race is held during the closest summer solstice weekend.

Rapelje is located at the mouth of a large natural reservoir, known as the Stockman Reservoir. It is also home to the historic Stockman Cafe, which serves classic meals. The cafe is situated in an old building on the Main Street of the town.

Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge

The Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge is a National Wildlife Refuge in central Montana. The refuge is home to many types of wildlife. Many of the animals found in the refuge are migratory birds. This refuge is an excellent place to watch these species. It is open to the public, but you should check the hours of operation before you plan a trip.

Visitors can visit the refuge to observe wildlife, hike, and hunt. While hunting, remember that you must use nontoxic shot for bird species in season. You can access the refuge through the Hailstone Basin Road, 1.5 miles north of Rapelje. There are no fees for visiting the refuge.

MSU researchers are working on restoration efforts at the Hailstone Refuge. They are using a two-pronged approach: analyzing DNA from soil samples and cultivating microorganisms that can naturally precipitate out toxic minerals. They hope to be able to help land managers in other high-saline sites.

This area is also home to the Halfbreed Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This is a large drainage, ending in the state-owned Big Lake. Halfbreed Lake is the freshest lake in the area, which is ideal for migratory birds. Its management has included the acquisition of most of its original flowage and a refuge easement.

The Refuge is open for hunting, hiking, and bird watching. However, visitors should adhere to State regulations. While hunting, it is essential to use a non-toxic shot to ensure the safety of wildlife.

Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge

Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge in Rapellje, Montana, is an excellent place for bird watching. It is located in central Montana and is part of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Complex. It is home to a variety of migratory birds and offers excellent nesting habitat.

The refuge is a two-track trail located about 4 miles east of Rapelje, MT. Visitors can access the trails by parking along the road next to the refuge. Established in 1942 as an easement refuge, this area is a great place to see pronghorn, prairie dogs, and other wildlife. It also has many species of small mammals, including several species of rattlesnakes.

Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge in Rapellje, Montana is part of the Big Lake Complex, a large drainage area in southern Montana. It is centrally located and receives some of the freshest water and most migratory bird use. The refuge was originally managed as a flowage easement and a no-hunting easement. Later, it was purchased in fee title and included most of the original easement. Today, the refuge encompasses 3,246 acres of state land and about 400 acres of private land.

Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge in Rapellje, Montana is part of a complex of three other national wildlife refuges. These are located in central Montana and provide migratory bird nesting habitat. Grass Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located about seven miles east of Rapelje. It is situated in the middle of Big Lake Complex, a drainage that flows out to the state-owned Big Lake. Halfbreed Lake and Grass Lake are the two main lakes in the complex.

Charles M. Russell NWR extends 125 miles up the Missouri River from Fort Peck Dam to the Missouri River. It contains a 245,000-acre reservoir and is home to a variety of wildlife including mule deer, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep.

Mountain biking

For the past nine years, the town of Rapelje, Montana has hosted the 24 Hours of Rapelje, a USA Cycling sanctioned endurance mountain biking race. The race is held on a circuit of 11.3 miles through the scenic, rural town. The course is surrounded by winding coulees, hoodoos, and shallow valleys.

The town is located 25 miles north of Columbus, Montana. It is home to the Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge and Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge, making it one of the most productive parts of central Montana for shorebirds and waterfowl. The area is also home to Montana’s original 24-hour endurance mountain bike race. It is held on the closest summer solstice weekend.

Ghost town

If you’re searching for an eerie adventure, you’ll love exploring ghost towns in Montana. These eerie towns were founded by miners seeking gold or silver. The towns developed quickly, but eventually the mines dried up, and the towns were abandoned. Today, they are only recognizable as buildings and roadmarks.

The ghost town was once a thriving community in northern Stillwater County. Today, the ruins of the town have been purchased by Ken Mesch. The abandoned buildings conjure up both nostalgic memories of a bygone era and the memory of a gruesome double homicide.

Before becoming a ghost town, Rapelje had a thriving mining boom that produced massive wealth. In 1908, it was home to the Hangman’s Tree, where two members of the infamous gang were hanged. The town now has a population of only two.

If you’re interested in history, this ghost town is for you. It is an interesting place to visit with kids as there are a variety of Junior Rangers activities to participate in, as well as self-guided and guided field trips. There are also volunteer opportunities and projects that you can participate in.

The town is located in the valley and is one of the oldest ghost towns in Montana. The town was founded in 1864 when silver lodes were discovered. It has been referred to by several names over the years. The town was also known as Camp Rimini during World War II. The town was named after the Italian city of Rimini.

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