Things to Do in Loup City, South Dakota

Facebook Twitter Google+ Digg Evernote Pinterest Yahoo Mail Blogger If you’re looking for something fun to do in Loup City, South Dakota, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you ideas for attractions and trails near the city. It will also tell you how to get there. Trails If you’re a cyclist, […]

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Loup City, South Dakota, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you ideas for attractions and trails near the city. It will also tell you how to get there.


If you’re a cyclist, jogger, or hiker, you can find some great trails in and around Loup City. The city has many bike paths, including one that connects two lakes. The Two Lakes Trail winds through a tree-lined park and wildlife refuge. It is also ADA-compliant, which makes it a great place to take a stroll. Loup City is also home to numerous hydroelectric generation facilities and a wide array of public recreation opportunities. The Two Lakes Trail has won the Millennium 2000 Community Trail Award and is an important part of the Volkswalk Year-Round Event. Maps and patches are available at Lake Stop and Casey’s General Store.

Another popular bike trail in the area is the Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway, an 8.2-mile stretch of paved bikeways that follows scenic Rapid Creek. This trail connects with other community attractions like Canyon Lake Park and the Centennial Trail. While you’re in town, you can also take a stroll through the town’s historical district. Trails in Loup City can be a great way to get a fresh perspective of the city and explore the surrounding countryside.


If you want to experience the beautiful South Dakota landscapes, there are a number of attractions in Loup City. The city has numerous state parks and historical sites, as well as several golf courses with spectacular vistas. In addition, there are several museums and cultural institutions to visit.

Loup City is home to the Sherman County Historical Society, which hosts a variety of exhibits. The city also hosts an annual Polish Festival, which celebrates the culture of the Polish people. The festival is family-friendly and has fun events for people of all ages. The city was founded in the early 1870s and was named for the River Loup. It is located in Sherman County, and the Sherman Reservoir has added to the tourism in the area.

Loup City is home to numerous art centers, cooperatives, and museums. It also boasts a Native American reservation. The Loup City Art Center focuses on serving the artistic community of the city. The center features a variety of programs for artists and visitors alike. Art is an excellent medium for self-expression.

Trails near Loup City

For those who love riding horses and mountain bikes, there are several trails near Loup City, South Dakota. The area is located east of the city on 790th Road and north of Ashton Avenue. The area is 9.5 miles from Davis Creek, and 1.3 miles from the Liberty Cove Recreation Area. There are no marked trails, but the area offers 4 miles of dispersed riding through tall grass. The area is managed by the Blue River NRD.

Getting there

Getting to Loup City, South Dakota is not terribly difficult. You can easily drive to the city from Omaha, Nebraska, or you can take a weekend trip. In either case, you should be able to reach Loup City from a nearby city within four hours.

Getting to Loup City, South Dakota is easy, as long as you know where to look. There are many hotels in the area. There are also many restaurants and other attractions. The population of Loup City is lower than the state average, but you’ll find more college graduates than in other cities. Loup City Public Schools operates two elementary schools and two high schools.

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