Things to Do in Blue River, British Columbia

Facebook Twitter Google+ Digg Evernote Pinterest Yahoo Mail Blogger Whether you are a nature lover or a sports enthusiast, there are a variety of things to do in Blue River, British Columbia. You can go hiking, camping, skiing, and canoe. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Canoeing You can spend a day […]

Whether you are a nature lover or a sports enthusiast, there are a variety of things to do in Blue River, British Columbia. You can go hiking, camping, skiing, and canoe. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain views.


You can spend a day on the water canoeing in Blue River British Columbia, or you can hire a canoe and go on a longer trip. Both options will provide you with stunning views of the mountains. The Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit is the most popular route in BC, and it’s situated within the Bowron Lakes Provincial Park. This area features stunning mountain scenery and temperature rainforest.

You can find abundant wildlife along the banks of the Blue River, which is home to a number of birds and fish. You might see bears here if you’re lucky – they are very active from spring to fall. You can also go canoeing in Murtle Lake, which is the largest paddle-only lake in North America.

If you want to find more solitude while paddling, you can try the Nanika-Kidprice Canoe Route. Located in the valley between two mountain ranges, the Nanika-Kidprice Route is less popular. It is about 30km long, and requires three portages, but it offers a wide variety of scenery. Kidprice Lake, for instance, is home to the stunning Nanika Falls.

The lake itself is a lovely spot for a peaceful trip. On one side, Highway 6 borders the lake, and campsites at Ben Browns and Cory’s Ranch are located near the lake. A few hiking trails along the lake offer beautiful views, waterfalls, and alpine landscapes. The waters of the lake are incredibly clear, and the surrounding mountains provide a perfect backdrop.


Skiing in Blue River, British Columbia is a fantastic experience, especially if you love dry powder skiing. Located in northern British Columbia, the area is comprised of two mountain ranges and 1.2 million acres of pristine wilderness. Visitors can experience the thrill of the mountains while hiking and enjoying wildlife.

In the winter, Blue River is covered in a thick layer of dry powder snow. The area is also an internationally recognized heli-skiing destination. The heli-skiing area in Blue River is comprised of 7,770 square kilometres of terrain, split between the Cariboo and Monashee Mountains. This area has steep, tree-lined runs for new heli-skiers, and open glacier bowls for experienced skiers.

The helicopter company Heliskiing Canada is a huge employer in Blue River, employing over two hundred people during the winter. It also trains many young Canadian ski guides. The company offers an array of ski and snowboarding trips in the mountains surrounding the town. Skiers can choose the day that suits them best.

The area enjoys an average of 400 inches of snow per year, making it a powder-lovers’ paradise. In fact, the ski area has never missed an opening day. Last winter, there were only four days of downtime due to bad weather. The skiing season begins around Dec. 1 and ends around April.


If you love the great outdoors, you’ll want to take a hike in Blue River British Columbia. The region has several hiking trails that will allow you to experience the wilderness in the area. Many of these trails are forested, with some even allowing you to walk through a fragrant canopy of pine. You can also try kayaking and canoeing.

There are many protected areas surrounding the town of Blue River, including Mud Lake Delta Provincial Park, where you can go fishing, canoeing, or camping in the wetlands. Another great hiking trail is Finn Creek Provincial Park, 22km south of the town, which offers unmaintained trails and a few old trapper homesteads. Finally, Blue River Pine Provincial Park is another great place to hike during the summer.

Snowmobiling is also popular in Blue River. The town has a large riding area located 15 km south of town, as well as a groomed access trail. Groundhog Mountain is a beautiful, family-friendly area, offering access to a wide meadow of powder and tree-lined woodland trails.

If you’re looking for a scenic, family-friendly hike, don’t forget to pack your picnic basket! The community’s lakefront is a popular destination for picnics, with plenty of opportunities for swimming, fishing, and relaxing.


Blue River has a campground with bicycles for rent, and the campground offers helmets for kids. Adults can rent bicycles for a day or a week and take advantage of the easy trails and roads that abound here. The campground is also home to a dockside cafe where you can enjoy a meal or drink.

Camping in Blue River, British Columbia is a great way to see the region’s natural attractions. Blue River is about halfway between Kamloops and Jasper, British Columbia. The town is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, surrounded by pristine rivers and snow-capped mountains. The region is also famous for its Heli-skiing, which allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding terrain.

Camping in Blue River is a classic Canadian experience. Choose from RV parks or tent campsites, and enjoy the serenity of the wilderness. The region is known for its lush forests, towering peaks, deep valleys, and diverse wildlife. The park is home to 1.2 million acres of pristine wilderness. For outdoor recreation, Blue River is close to several national parks, including Wells Gray Provincial Park, North Thompson Valley, and the Black River Spruce Provincial Park.

Exploring the great outdoors

The province of British Columbia offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. From rafting through Class V rapids to downhill skiing, this province is home to some of the best outdoor adventures in Canada. Explore the province’s many natural attractions and unspoiled wilderness during your visit.

If you’re a nature lover, Blue River is the perfect location to experience the region’s diverse outdoor activities. Blue River is situated in the Upper North Thompson Valley and is surrounded by stunning interior rainforests, glacier-fed lakes, and mighty mountain peaks. This city is the perfect stopover between Vancouver and Edmonton and is full of opportunities to explore the great outdoors.


There are numerous shopping options for visitors in Blue River. The town is easily accessible from the Yellowhead Highway and features one of the oldest commercial buildings in the valley. You can even stop by the town’s library. The library is open to the public on Tuesdays (1-5 pm), Wednesdays (10am-2 pm), Thursdays (3-7 pm), and Saturdays (1-5 pm). It offers free Wi-Fi and computer access. The library also offers printing services. In addition to the library, the town also has a large convenience store, which offers a selection of goods.

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