Best Places to Visit in Youngsville, Louisiana

Facebook Twitter Google+ Digg Evernote Pinterest Yahoo Mail Blogger Youngsville is a city located in the Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. It is part of the Lafayette metropolitan statistical area. Its population was 8,105 at the 2010 census. It is expected to grow to more than 15,900 people by the 2020 census. Bird City If you’re planning […]

Youngsville is a city located in the Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. It is part of the Lafayette metropolitan statistical area. Its population was 8,105 at the 2010 census. It is expected to grow to more than 15,900 people by the 2020 census.

Bird City

If you’re planning a visit to Youngsville, Louisiana, then you’ll want to find an affordable place to stay. There are many motels in the area that offer low rates and basic amenities, like satellite TV and free parking. Some of these places also have shuttle service that makes your trip a breeze.

Cajun Food Tours offer a great way to explore the town’s food culture. These tours are two hours long and can include special options, such as night tours and bird watching. While you’re there, you’ll enjoy tasting authentic Cajun foods. The tours are operated by a company called Cajun Food Tours, which was founded in 2011. This tour is a great way to learn about local food and culture.

In addition to its renowned Snowy White Egrets, Bird City is also home to numerous songbird species. In the spring, Louisiana herons, night herons, least bitterns, anhingas, and blue-winged teals visit the area. Great blue herons are also regular visitors. You can also see blue-winged teals, gadwalls, and pintails.

The Jungle Garden and Bird City are open every day for visitors. Jungle Gardens is a beautiful nature preserve that includes azaleas, camellias, and bamboo. There’s also a restaurant 1868 there that serves local cuisine, and Champagne’s Cajun Swamp Tours can give you a thrilling eco-tour through Louisiana’s swamplands.

Cypremort Point

Cypremort Point is a state park located near La. Highway 319 and Vermilion Bay. The park is named for the nearby Cypremort Point. The name Cypremort means “dead cypress” in French.

Cypremort Point is located about 45 miles south of downtown Lafayette. The state park has many amenities, including a boat ramp and a kayak launch. It is a popular picnic and saltwater fishing spot. Visitors must pay a $3 daily usage fee.

The park has 185 acres of marsh. Visitors can enjoy the wildlife there, including black bears, muskrats, and alligators. This park is a great place for families with children and is a great day trip from any city.

The state park also has a man-made beach that is popular with fishermen and cravers. The 100-foot pier also provides opportunities for fishing. Visitors can also take a boat out into the bay and go sailing or windsurfing. Kayaking is also a popular activity in the protected waters.

NuNu’s Fresh Market

If you are looking for a place where you can buy delicious and authentic Cajun food, you should visit NuNu’s Fresh Market. This grocery store specializes in meat and seafood. It has a huge selection and a deli counter where you can choose from a buffet of different meats. The prices are also very reasonable.

The history of NuNu’s Fresh Market goes back to the 1950s. It all began at a small lounge in Milton, Louisiana. The original owner, Arthe Broussard, opened the bar in 1953. His patrons would frequently stop at the lounge in the afternoons. Arthe decided to stock extra groceries so that customers would not have to leave. In time, he realized that the locals needed a grocery store more than a lounge.

The town’s main street was once a historic house. The area was later transformed into a strip mall. In 2008, this was a picture taken from Highway 92 near Bonin Road. Now, it’s a busy road, with a Sonic on the corner.

Acadian Village

Acadian Village is an open-air museum resembling 19th century Acadian homes. While not as culturally diverse as Vermilionville Historic Village, its exhibits offer a glimpse into early Acadian society in South Louisiana. Also located in the village is the Doctor Salles’ Residence, which was the residence of Lafayette’s first resident dentist. Today, it serves as a museum and an art gallery. The Doctor Salles’ Residence was constructed in 1890 and is a perfect example of Greek Revival architecture.

For those who love Christmas, the holiday season is the perfect time to visit Acadian Village. With beautifully decorated trees and a lighted Gingerbread house, this historic area is the perfect setting for your holiday celebration. During the Christmas season, visitors can enjoy the sounds of carolers singing and playing Christmas carols. If you have the chance, you can even take a picture with Santa. You can get a photo with Santa Claus for a small fee.

If you are planning on staying overnight in Youngsville, Louisiana, there are several great hotels in the area. Many of these affordable options have basic amenities and are comfortable. Some may offer pets-friendly accommodations, free breakfast, and gym access. However, if you are looking for more amenities, you can also consider staying at a bed and breakfast.

One of the best places to visit in Youngsville is the Acadian Village, an open-air museum featuring authentic Acadian settlers’ lifestyle. It’s a place for the whole family to experience the history and culture of the region. You can also buy souvenirs, postcards, and shirts at the General Store.

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